The Mama International Foundation


The Mama International Foundation has set two goals:

  1. The support of single mothers in Tanzania, who aside from their own families, also provide for one or more of their relatives – often their parents and/or orphans.
  2. The provision of scholarships to young people who choose an education that gives them a good chance of finding work in Tanzania.

How does M.I. work?

The mothers receive € 250 per year for two years, in principle. The intention is that they will use (some of) the money to start their own trading business, or other business, so that they can later support their families themselves. Almost all mothers receive coaching from local volunteers.

In practice, this strategy succeeds in about 90% of the cases. Financial aid for them is then completed, allowing other mothers to be helped. Sometimes the support will be extended for another year, if the mother has has suffered misfortune.

Application Procedure

Dr. Harry Mwerinde, a friend and physician, maintains contact through the village mayor of Lugulu in the Pare Mountains. In those three villages which are connected to our activities, a lot of attention is given to the mothers' undertakings from within the community.

The other large group of mothers lives in the village Mtakuja, south of Moshi. There the coaching is done by Stella Msarekie who works for FD Kilimanjaro. (For details see

State of Affairs

An overview of all our activities and numbers of supported people who are involved can be found on our blog. Annual reports and work reports can be found there. (Mostly Dutch only.)


All donations are welcome. Some donors transfer a monthly donation, others choose for an (bi)annual donation. However, one time donations are welcome as well!

About Mama International

The Foundation is recognized as an ANBI-foundation. This means that donations are fully tax-deductible. Mama International is registered with the International Chamber of Commerce under the number 39097323. The account number is NL69INGB0002917799 in the name of: Mama International, Almere.

The Board

The current governing board members are: Douwe de Vries (Chairman), Anthe de Vries-Kopmels (Secretary) and Bep Lensen (Treasurer). The website is managed by Michal van Zelm.

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